Scholastic Study English

Scholastic's highly energized team will work closely with you to ensure the success and growth of the business.

  • Scholastic is harnessing the power of adaptive technology with English language learning programs that are grounded in research to help engage students, make teachers more effective, and raise achievements.

  • Faster new-hire training:

    with extensive Teacher Training support

    Extensive Support for non-native English speaking teachers:

    boosts the confidence and reduce stress of non-native English teachers to effectively deliver the lessons

    Greatly improve teacher recruitment and retention:

    The structure of this program reduces dependency and stress on the teachers.

    Kids learn much faster with the SEE program:

    The sequential and systematic Scholastic Early English lessons make it fun and easy for teachers to teach and kids to learn.

  • The Scholastic Early English Teacher Training helps build teachers’ confidence to deliver the Scholastic Early English program efficiently and effectively to maximize students’ learning.

  • Easy to teach:

    The sequential and systematic SEE program leverages on the power of the Interactive Whiteboard technology to engage students, differentiate instruction, and monitor progress.

    In-depth Teacher Training:

    We provide extensive training for teachers where they will learn in detail about the structure and sequence of the program. They will discover a variety of activity lesson ideas that can enhance their teaching experience.

    Comprehensive Teacher Support:

    Each teacher who successfully completes the training will be presented with a training manual, lesson plan templates, and active lesson ideas.


    This organized environment allows the teacher for more time to focus on the students rather than the lesson planning.

  • Setting up the Scholastic Early English program is easy to set up, in addition to support from our dedicated IT team.

  • Fast and Easy:

    The Scholastic Early English program is easy to configure and will be up and running in no time. Both teachers and students will be well on their way to an enjoyable time of teaching and learning!

    Dedicated IT Team:

    We have set up a dedicated Scholastic Early English IT team to ensure the successful deployment of the program. The team is equipped to assist in the configuration processes and advise your technical needs.

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